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Whole Roasted Pig’s Head, a True Nose Dining Experience

September 9, 2013

Last Friday night we loaded ourselves, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of wine, and my first ever attempt at a cheesecake, into a taxi headed for the bright lights of Karori- we were heading to a wee dinner party! I love dinner parties, big or small, but it was more appealing since it was still during the post-WOAP eating out ban. This had all the excitement of eating out but technically we were eating in- yus!

We were welcomed by pleasant aromas of a roast something… our only hint as to that something was a text message a couple of days earlier asking “…do you both eat pork?”. After our Ti Kouka feast it could have gone two ways- either completely over pork or even bigger fans. We are firmly in the latter category. Our host kindly presented us with martinis complete with olives or onions, what pros. I’m not sure if they were shaken or stirred but boy did they pack a punch. A sign of things to come…?

Once the martinis were sipped and the breads dipped, it was time for the main event, what was described as our hosts’ crowning glory. We were not disappointed when greeted by a well roasted… pigs head! It was spectacular- the crackling broke off like crisp shards of glass, uncovering succulent pork screaming to be pulled apart.


IMG_1940There were also some fear factor moments when it came to the other parts, known and otherwise, which are found in a pigs head. Brain was creamy and rich, eyes were a little gooey but non offensive, cheeks were tender, tongue wonderfully caramelised. There were some interesting textures in other bits which we’d only be able to identify if there were a vet in the room but sometimes that is all part of the fun! Naturally the head of the table was flanked by fluffy roast spuds and a fresh, fulsome salad.

That was a tough act to follow but luckily mum’s cheesecake recipe came through and saved my bacon. It was so robust, even I couldn’t stuff it up on the first attempt. The base was a little cakier than I remember hers to be but it was still a pretty decent sweet treat to end the meal.

IMG_1942Once sufficiently stuffed, we retired to the drawing room for more booze and banter. Thanks to L&K for having us!

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