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Full Circle Feast, Ti Kouka

August 24, 2013

Ended up on the dinner table at Ti Kouka’s Full Circle Feast. This was after they had feasted on spent grains from Garage Project Brewery, bi-products from making corn chips (wonder if they get dip?), and other tasty morsels. Then they were let loose to roll around in the mud, or whatever it is pigs do for fun?! I digress, the point is they end up making very tasty pork-anything!

The feast started with a charcuterie platter thing- terrines, dips, bread, pickles… we all dug in before I managed to even think about getting out the iphone. Washed down with beer number one.

Course two involved a broth made from pork bones over weeks, actually maybe he said months?! There were noodles, there were tidy matchsticks of carrots and daikon, piles of mint and coriander, spicy and tangy condiments, and an egg. This was not just any egg… this bad boy had been cooking at a mere 60 something degrees for the last four hours. Who knew you could even cook an egg for that long without it exploding. End result- a soft boiled egg that slid gracefully out of the cracked shell, yolk ready to ooze out into the broth. Washed down with beer number two- an appropriately fruity, minty brew. I’m not a great beer drinker, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of this- much to a certain someone’s disappointment.

IMG_1802Course three was a good old fashioned roast pork leg served with all the usual suspects. The meat pulled away from the bone oh so easily- probably something to do with the fact it had been cooking for about 14 hours. Need I say more? Unsurprisingly, washed down with yet another beer.

IMG_1801By this point I was ready to pop, pretty pleased with my wardrobe choice, and wondering just how we would manage the short walk home… and then another course?! I didn’t think you could make a pork dessert, but happy to be proven wrong. Chocolate mousse tart- mousse and pastry both made with… yep, you guessed it- pork fat. There was also some popcorn, in case you needed more filling up- I normally hate the cardboard snack but cover it with caramel and bacon bits, and you’ve got my attention.

So four hours later, glutton status cemented, we waddled home… and the two of us rather un-little piggies collapsed straight into bed. Thanks to our friends who couldn’t make it to the feast and offered us the tickets… your loss really was our gain.

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