Eating Abroad New Zealand

Pravda, Customhouse Quay

August 24, 2013

After extensive research, I’ve concluded that three courses is probably the right amount of time needed for a proper girly gossip. The ‘Law Girls’ usually get together for breakfast at Leuven every couple of weeks but there’s not really enough time to get into the real juicy bits over the waffles or potato cakes. That’s when the longer dinner dates come in handy.

For this catch up, we decided to try out the Wellington on a Plate menu at Pravda. We excitedly explained travel plans over a beetroot mousse salad- the mousse was light, the baby beets sufficiently tangy, the walnuts slightly caramelised and sweet. The main of slow cooked lamb allowed us to mull over open homes and house offers. Then came dessert- as a lover of chocolate fondants, this was my favourite course. It went down a treat with the port style pinot noir and talk of wedding plans and quirky supermarket habits.

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