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Burger Wellington 2013, the most disappointing

August 22, 2013

It had been 5 days since my last burger… the withdrawal symptoms were developing, the cravings were there, the shakes would be next. I thought LBQ’s Burg-As Bro burger would be just what the doctor ordered… and if they had, would have potentially led to a malpractice claim! The bun was too big, patty lukewarm and bland, quail’s egg didn’t produce the oozy yolk that I hoped for, tinned beetroot (on a $21 burger- poor effort), and where was my chilli-onion jam! But if you didn’t think that was enough of a punch line- they served it with a side of ready salted ripples and onion dip. Last year’s Hare of the Hog burger was a bit different and delicious so I did have high hopes, but all I got was a kick in the guts!

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