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The Larder, Miramar

August 29, 2013

Wide roads, pavements illuminated only by the street lamps, and teenagers traveling in packs… yep, we were definitely in the burbs! If this were back in my teen days, I’d probably be heading to some house party with a four pack of smirnoff and a plan to knock back the drinks then hit the town. These days, we’re roaming the mean streets of Miramar in search of good food at The Larder.

My last Larder visit was for last year’s WOAP burger- lambs brains in a bun; an acquired taste I think, but still well worth trying. This time we ordered a few tamer dishes- seafood, pasta, and steak. The food here looks good, everything is elegant and you can tell it’s been thoughtfully placed right there. But as we all know, looks are never enough… there comes a point when staring at your hot date becomes rude and plain boring. Luckily, the food here came through- beauty and brains- hurrah!

The beginning- champagne oysters and beef cheek tortelleni. The oysters, I am told were nice enough but had too much batter and were not as good as the ones a certain someone’s mother makes. My pasta was a tad too al dente for my liking (Italians everywhere are rolling their eyes) but the filling was well cheeky,¬†and the mushroom and sage sauce was punchy!

The middle- beef fillet with short rib, and snapper with prawns and calamari. No faults to report here; right seasoning, good combo of textures on both dishes, finished off by the requisite sprinkling of micro greens- they make everything look classier, right?

The end- naturally we looked at the dessert menu, but shock horror- nothing was tempting me. I didn’t feel like another mousse or creme brulee, and I’ve never been keen on a cheese platter. I was craving something else, something light and refreshing, something that could be found at the Fix on the way back into town…

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