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Burger Wellington 2013, the beginning

August 18, 2013

Put a well formed patty on top of some fresh salad, slather on some tangy condiments and smack it all into a nicely warmed, slightly crisp bun. Voila, you have a burger! Many people will know that I love a good burger so Wellington on a Plate’s Burger Wellington is something I get excited about! Last year I managed 10- a disgustingly high number according to most but hey, it’s good to have a challenge right?

When the WOAP booklet came out this year I enthusiastically flipped through it, post its at the ready… waiting for something to wow me… anything at all. I was rather disappointed- where were the brains burgers? Or the dessert burgers? Or just anything that wasn’t either a (insert fancy brand name) beef patty, ‘spiced’ lamb patty (which to me screams cumin- yuk), or crumbed chicken patty. On the second flip through, I did find slightly more interesting options but nothing that I just had to book in.

And on that note- the week of burgers began…

  1. Cuba Street Classic from Plum– ‘classic bore’ is probably more appropriate.
  2. The Great Turducken Burger from Tasting Room– interesting concept, poor execution. I guess they thought a chicken and turkey patty would be bland so decided to spruce it up with way too much salt. But the worst part was- cue Manu from MKR- where was the sauce?!?
  3. Fat Boys’ Revenge from Trade Kitchen– finally, a decent patty with a great tangy sauce. And it came with more than 7 chips- from current experience, that doesn’t seem to be the done thing.
  4. High-5 Sliders from Artisan– enjoyable for the novelty factor alone, but the dessert slider was the highlight- a bite sized chocolatey jam donut. I’ll have five more, thanks.
  5. The Old Bailey’s Bucks Burger- exceeded my expectations, full credit for the beetroot jam.
  6. The Moolander from Portlander– best burger so far; the bun was soft but held everything together, the patty was well seasoned, and the cheesy mushrooms were a bit different, but in a good way.
  7. The Burg-As-Bro from LBQ – the most disappointing burger yet.The bun was too big, patty lukewarm and bland, quail’s egg didn’t produce the oozy yolk that I hoped for, tinned beetroot (on a $21 burger- poor effort), and where was my chilli-onion jam! But if you didn’t think that was enough of a punch line- they served it with a side of ready salted ripples and onion dip. Last year’s Hare of the Hog burger was a bit different and delicious so I did have high hopes, but all I got was a kick in the guts!

No burger fatigue yet…

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