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Boulcott Street Bistro, Wellington

August 17, 2013

What I’d normally be doing on a Friday afternoon around 2.30pm is weighing up how many hours/minutes are left in the working week against what I can realistically achieve in that time… before sighing and willing those hours/minutes to disappear faster. What I did this Friday was feel a rumble… casually wonder who’s got an elephant step and then rather un-casually duck under my desk! And there was the shaky start to our weekend.

With no food in the fridge and no desire to go to a supermarket in clean up mode, the obvious solution would be to pop out for some post-quake comfort food. We took advantage of the fact that people were leaving the cbd in droves and headed to a restaurant which doesn’t take bookings and is usually full- Boulcott Street Bistro.

The Wellington on a Plate four course tasting menu they served up was comforting enough.

I actually really enjoyed the pumpkin and basil soup despite my hatred for pumpkin, the fish and potato some-a-rather was tasty enough, lamb racks were delicious, but the highlight was the rhubarb pudding with ginger ice cream. Take that earthquake!

rhubarb pudding

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