Eating Abroad Mexico


“Wah-hah-what?-where?-why…?” This would have been my response a couple of years ago if someone told me they were going to Oaxaca, the quaint Mexican town with the name that is pronounced nothing like it’s spelt. Fast forward to the present and it seems every…

March 18, 2014
Eating Abroad Mexico

Mexico City

After being in America for over a month, arriving in Mexico City was a bit of a shock to the system… my first realisation after 3 minutes in Mexico City- this place is hectic, loud, and messy; it’s hard to comprehend where and what…

February 21, 2014
America Eating Abroad

Jackson, MI to Dallas TX

Leaving New Orleans, the first leg of our adventure was almost over… in the next couple of days all we had to do was a load of laundry, some Christmas shopping, and get to Dallas for our flight to Mexico City! With some time up…

February 5, 2014
America Eating Abroad

New Orleans, LA

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realise by now that we’re not really ones to rush… so we decided to break up the Houston-New Orleans drive by making a stop in Lafayette LA, the heart of the cajun country. If we had come in…

February 5, 2014
America Eating Abroad

Austin, TX

We all know that at some point, all good things must come to an end… for us the endless road trip eye candy was replaced by miles and miles of just fields around the time we crossed the border into New Mexico. I can see…

January 27, 2014
America Eating Abroad

The Great American Desert

A couple of months ago I saw this article about Google or Apple developing new glasses which take photos. Exactly how they work- no idea, with blinks perhaps? Anyway, I didn’t read the article… kinda dismissed it as another fad gadget for tech enthusiasts…

January 15, 2014
America Eating Abroad

Las Vegas, NV

I can definitely see how Las Vegas got the nickname ‘Sin City’. During our four days in the neon overloaded man-made desert playground, I saw evidence of all sorts of deadly sins unfolding. Greed– probably the foundation of Vegas, I think this one needs…

December 20, 2013
America Eating Abroad

Route 66

Leaving LA, we farewelled the sight of the sea and headed inland on Route 66! No American road trip seems complete without cruising down at least a small part of this historic path. It technically runs from LA to Chicago through California, Arizona, New…

December 12, 2013
America Eating Abroad

Los Angeles, CA

After two days of cruising the coast, we arrived in Los Angeles- LA, Tinseltown, Hollywood, the City of Angels… call it what you will but at the end of the day, the city, like many of its famed residents is all show and no…

December 4, 2013
America Eating Abroad

The Pacific Coast

We picked up our rental car (a solid American number- Chevy Cruze, nicknamed Penelope) when we first arrived in San Francisco but it didn’t feel like the road trip had started until we were leaving the city and heading out onto the Pacific Coast…

November 29, 2013
America Eating Abroad

San Francisco, CA

Do a quick google and you’ll see that San Francisco has inspired probably over 100 songs- and why the heck not? After spending a couple of days there, I could find a few good things to sing about too… we both agreed it was…

November 26, 2013