A Bit Casual Eating Out London

The Drunken Monkey, Shoreditch

My earliest yum cha memories involve Sunday lunches with my family at one of the many Chinese restaurants along Courtenay Place in Wellington. They were usually gluttonous affairs; though there were only five of, us, we each had our favourites and would not be…

September 24, 2014
Eating Out Events/Classes London

Meatopia 2014

As the days get longer and warmer back home in NZ, I have been reminiscing about the great Kiwi summer. My Facebook newsfeed is already fast filling up with updates on the increasing temperature, photos of early alfresco dining, and of course, talk of…

September 16, 2014
A Bit Casual Eating Out London

Chicken Shop, Tooting

I’m getting the feeling people here really like chicken; this is the conclusion I’ve come to after spotting the huge number of chicken joints around. Everywhere. There’s no shortage of the fast food giants like KFC, Nando’s, and of course the local secret shame,…

September 15, 2014
Eating Out Events/Classes London

Taste of London 2014

With the tagline- World’s Greatest Restaurant Festival, I had high hopes. Did Taste of London live up to those? Quite simply, yes. With its mix of mini restaurants, food stalls, and bars, whittling away the evening was really as easy as a walk in…

June 21, 2014
America Eating Abroad

Philadelphia, PA

We almost didn’t make it to Philadelphia because honestly, we didn’t know much about it. I like a smear of Philadelphia on my bagel and the sweet chilli philly is genius, but that’s hardly a good reason to visit is it? Luckily, as we…

June 18, 2014
Canada Eating Abroad

Toronto, ON

After 17 days without cellphone contact, internet access, and pretty much any news from the outside world, it was time to leave Cuba. These technological comforts are available for those really desperate but after finding out the high cost and low quality, we decided…

June 1, 2014
Cuba Eating Abroad

Historic Trinidad

After almost a week in Havana, its once leisurely pace was starting to feel hectic… even the most die-hard of travellers get a little weary, time to take things down a notch. We were headed south to Trinidad, but decided to take a quick…

May 10, 2014
Cuba Eating Abroad


It’s hard to escape the chatter about Cuba– we’ve all seen the photos of colourful classic cars and heard about people buying truckloads of cheap as chips rum and cigars. From the moment we were greeted by our taxi driver Homero and his bright…

April 14, 2014
Eating Abroad Mexico

Maya Ruins & Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula

Our final stop in Mexico- a week on the Yucatan Peninsula with the plan to see some Maya ruins and hit the beach. After some ‘umming and ahhing’ (cue: my worst case scenarios involving various combos of breakdowns in the dark, guns, and carjackings)…

March 31, 2014
Eating Abroad Mexico


“Wah-hah-what?-where?-why…?” This would have been my response a couple of years ago if someone told me they were going to Oaxaca, the quaint Mexican town with the name that is pronounced nothing like it’s spelt. Fast forward to the present and it seems every…

March 18, 2014