America Eating Abroad

The Pacific Coast

We picked up our rental car (a solid American number- Chevy Cruze, nicknamed Penelope) when we first arrived in San Francisco but it didn’t feel like the road trip had started until we were leaving the city and heading out onto the Pacific Coast…

November 29, 2013
America Eating Abroad

San Francisco, CA

Do a quick google and you’ll see that San Francisco has inspired probably over 100 songs- and why the heck not? After spending a couple of days there, I could find a few good things to sing about too… we both agreed it was…

November 26, 2013
America Eating Abroad

Seattle, WA

We arrived in Seattle after a surprisingly scenic bus ride which involved a border crossing far more relaxed than airport security- let’s just say that I didn’t have to worry about whether I was wearing my good socks and customs was more of a…

November 22, 2013
Canada Eating Abroad

Vancouver, BC

We arrived in Vancouver late on Saturday night, more than 30 hours later than planned but pretty happy to see some familiar faces as we came out of the skytrain station. My first impression of the city did not really change throughout the 2…

November 15, 2013
Eating Abroad New Zealand

Plane food, Premium Economy

Everyone seated in Premium Economy (and even more so, Business Premier) on the Air New Zealand website looks wonderfully relaxed and glamorous- smiling away with a glass of something in hand as they lean back in their large, cushy seats. I’m smart enough to…

November 13, 2013
Eating Abroad New Zealand

Fog Disruptions, Wellington

Our big adventure was supposed to begin on Friday at 530pm… the tickets have been booked for months, the upgrade secured and the preferred seats paid for. But, like thousands of other travellers, our best laid plans were disrupted by stubborn fog with what…

November 9, 2013
Eating In Sweet

Cookies, the Chocolate Kind – Recipe

“You’ll be off before you know it…” and “that time will just fly by”, they all said. And each time, I just smiled politely and thought realistically about the months… and then weeks that we still had before take off. But now, what they…

October 31, 2013
Eating Abroad New Zealand

The Crab Shack, Queen’s Wharf

I always assumed it was the case, but now I am absolutely convinced that Wellingtonians are completely unphased by the city’s infamous wind. It was wet and blowing a gale of over 100kmph and still, many other great minds like us braved it and…

October 27, 2013
Eating Abroad New Zealand

Martha’s Pantry High Tea, Cuba Street

On a blustery, wet Wellington day I channelled my most lady-like self for a lunch time escapade to Martha’s Pantry with some lovely ladies I work with. As soon as we walked in, all the pretty things made me forget the horrid weather and suddenly…

October 21, 2013
Eating Abroad New Zealand

WBC Restaurant, Victoria Street

A couple of weeks ago we went to NZ Opera’s The Flying Dutchman. Neither of us are opera aficionados or those snobby culture vultures but we’re always game for something a bit different. So straight after work, I rushed home to don those glad…

October 9, 2013