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August 20, 2015

After years of thinking ‘what on earth is this Twitter business’… ‘I don’t think I’ve got anything worth tweeting‘… ‘only 140 characters?!’… I jumped the fence and started using Twitter in January this year. Now, I may or may not be a little hooked. The best part? Meeting a whole community of food bloggers and joining in on Twitter chats – my favourite being the #fdbloggers chat created by the lovely Loriley.

Recently she thought it’d be fun for everyone to get to know each other a little more… so here goes!


Name: Connie

Blog: Connie Consumes

 What was your reason for starting a blog?

The blog was initially a way to document our adventures once we left New Zealand – we traveled for over three months through America, Canada, Cuba and Mexico so it was a great way for friends and family to keep up with where we were and what we were up to! Once we arrived in London I neglected it a little, but got it back on track in January because I realised I love to write, and this is a great creative outlet.

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?

Though I love to cook and do it a lot, I haven’t posted many recipes mainly because I am a guess and check, taste as I go, kind of cook which means I rarely note down measurements. However, one of my favourite recipes I have posted is for my roast pork belly – I’m really proud of it because it reminds me of Sunday yum cha lunches with my family where we were always partial to some pork belly and roast duck!


What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?

Tough call… I love our bright orange cast iron casserole dish which we use a lot more than I expected when we first bought it, but really, the winner is my mini-blender – curry pastes, fresh breadcrumbs, pesto… I love a good blitz!

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?

Chillies and limes to go with the fish I’ll miraculously catch and grill over the fire, and a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to wash it all down it.

Who do you take inspiration from?

For cooking inspiration it’s definitely chefs and cooking shows, and no, I’m not ashamed to admit that I love shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. As our cooking skills get better, we’re getting bolder with trying new techniques and even trying to recreate dishes we’ve ordered in restaurants. A certain someone has pretty much perfected his version of an oxtail cannelloni which we first tried in Barcelona.

For writing inspiration it’s food writers such as Jay Rayner, Marina O’Loughlin, Fay Maschler; their writing is entertaining and thoughtful, often with a personal twist… that’s what keeps it interesting to read.

For eating out inspiration it’s definitely the other bloggers I follow on Instagram and Twitter – I love seeing where people are eating because London is so varied, it helps me discover all these new places to expand my waistline!

Your favourite social media platform?

Although I find Twitter very addictive, Instagram is my favourite. I got an account last September at the insistence of my much more social media savvy sister and have never stopped scrolling and snapping since…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.36.04 pm

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

Both (yep, made no improvement the second time) occasions where I attempted to make steamed buns. So I was all excited about nailing my roast pork belly, got a little gungho and thought I could recreate the signature Momofuku steamed buns we had in New York! No, I couldn’t. Mine weren’t light and fluffy like theirs or Yum Bun’s, mine were a lot doughier but dry, and just not very nice! Maybe it’ll be third time’s the charm? Watch this space.

Favourite spot for a coffee?

I don’t drink coffee! If I did I’m pretty sure I would be bouncing off the walls… definitely not ideal. But just like a five-year-old child, I am rather fond of a hot chocolate – particularly the ones from Mojo in Wellington! I miss those almost as much as sushi from Sushi Bi on Woodward St.

Favourite food photo you’ve taken?

Thousands and thousands of food photos later, it’s pretty tricky to pick a favourite but I’ve got a soft spot for this one taken in a local taverna on our first night in Athens. It was a far from fancy meal but I love the colours and the layout… it was one of the first times we rearranged dishes on the table, wasn’t completely mortified about doing so, and managed to get a decent photo!

What would you say was your most successful blog post and why?

We all agree that success is subjective so for me, success is when I’m happy with the words I’ve put together which hopefully make for an entertaining, and if we’re really lucky, helpful read! For this reason, I really love my Lisbon Food Tour post because I think it strikes a nice balance between the little anecdotes I always share with my posts, and actually some useful information about where to eat in Lisbon.

Now, which other food bloggers would you like to get to know?

Thank you to Megan of Got To Be Gourmet for nominating me, now I pick…

Kiran of The Swindian and Shini of The Introverted Chilli.

And of course everyone can search #fdbloggersGTK on Twitter and find all the others floating around!

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  • I did a double-take there! Thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 It may take me a wee while to put this together, but loved reading about your inspiration and #fdblogger habits, so will give it a go this weekend 🙂

    • My pleasure, it’s really because I’m inherently nosey and always want to know MORE! I love finding out how/why people started blogging because I kind of started by chance… and now I absolutely love it!

  • Alls I know is your blog makes me hunnnnngry!

    • Hehehe why thank you! That’s the best compliment ever!

  • Even though I’m your sister, I definitely learnt a thing or two! Jealous that you’ve got someone to cook you oxtail- that’s definitely an ingredient that stays on the MKR and Masterchef screen. Pleased I could play my part, love your Insta and keep giving me more foodie reasons to get to London!

    • I definitely recommend the oxtail for winter stews… or shin works well too, that’s what I use in my meat pie fillings now! Yes, come soon – we’ll happily turn the home gym back into the spare room for you!

  • this is such a good idea for a post. Your pork belly looks so yummy 😀

    • I cannot take any credit for the idea, but completely agree that it’s great 🙂 I’m learning so much about other bloggers – it’s fantastic!

  • Love how you’ve really thought about your dessert island picks…and Sauvy B!x

    Sophie Loves Food | Recipes & Reviews

    • I’m a Kiwi gal so what can I say… we never go too far without our beloved Sav!

  • Right so I saw the pork belly pic and I was all “DAMMIT CONNIE NOW I WANT PORK BELLY”. I didn’t have any and I was sad, and then I learnt that Mark actually has pork belly in the oven as we speak! HOW IS THAT FOR BLOODY MAGIC AND GOOD FORTUNE?! Yes, I’m yelling. I’m excited. And it’s difficult to convey booty shaking through typing, yelling is easier.

    • Well done Mark! Everyone should booty shake when there is pork belly around.. I personally like to put on Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bootylicious’ and sing out ‘I don’t think you’re ready for this pork-belly…’ And this is why it’s best that I cook alone.

  • Mmmm that pork belly looks so delicious! Nice to find out a bit more about you Connie!

    • Thanks Andrew! Though I’m pretty sure your family business can whip up a pretty decent pork belly too lol

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