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Taste of London 2015

June 25, 2015

Another year, another five days of London’s foodies flocking to Regent’s Park to overindulge in their favourite past-time of wining and dining. Naturally, we were right at home at Taste of London. And we’ve been before so we knew the drill… over thirty of London’s top restaurants dishing up small plates of their finest food, over 200 exhibitors plying you with samples of their delectable goods, and a myriad of cooking demonstrations, masterclasses and entertainment! You can go in the afternoon or evening, (or both as I’m sure some greedy guts did), where each session gives you about four hours to stuff yourself silly with anything from sliders to ceviches, as well as all those little tasters from well known food companies and artisan producers.

Between bites, cooking skills could be sharpened at the AEG Taste Theatre where chefs such as Scott Hallsworth of Kurobuta or Thomasina Miers of Wahaca showed off some of their techniques or you could even stop into the Wild Kitchen and Mr Vine Wine Kitchen. Foodies who wanted to get their hands dirty could do so at the AEG Let’s Taste Live Cooking experience, learning how to whip up wontons and ribs with School of Wok, while those of us lazy gluttons just continued grazing, stopping every now and then for some music at the Bandstand, a spot of petanque at the Baranis Bar, or just continued weaving around the event to walk off some calories and make room for more!

As with last year, we didn’t hold back on trying as many dishes as we could, though be warned, these dishes don’t come cheap; some of the icon dishes cost around £12-14! Surprisingly for us though, this year, not as many dishes lured us in. Looking down the menu, there seemed to be a lot of ceviches, a handful of pork belly dishes, and a strong showing of panna cottas- all crowd pleasers, and some might say, all very on trend!

Our favourites from this year’s menu were the duck hearts, radishes and duck fat croutons from The Draper’s Arm, the seafood ceviche with traditional tiger’s milk and canchita corn from Lima Floral, and the Cornish crab, bisque vinaigrette, tomato, parsley oil from L’Autre Pied.

Chop Shop’s pulled pork sausage roll and Kurobuta’s miso grilled hot wings were also moreishly delicious and Spice Market’s pandan macaron with kaya jam and soy caramel ice cream was a lovely way to end! We washed this down with a couple of Frontier beers, Lilley’s ciders and of course… wine from our friends at The New Zealand Cellar!

If you loved your experience at Taste of London this year, or if you missed out last week, you’ll definitely enjoy barbeque festival Meatopia held in September and Taste of London Winter in November! So get those in the diary now as tickets for both are on sale already!

I was a guest of Taste of London while poor old certain someone tagged along anyway despite missing out on his plus one pass this year!

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  • It was lovely to see you there 🙂
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    • Likewise! Good foodie yarn we had too hehe!

  • Why oh why did I not go to this?! I’ll have to remember all these delicious foods for next year. Sounds like fun!

    • What?!?! Perhaps you were gallivanting outside of London last weekend?! Well… there’s still Taste of London Winter in November which we also really enjoyed last year.

  • andreaspassions5

    I absolutely LOVED this event! It was the first time I’d been though, but I’ve already bought my winter tickets haha 🙂 I didn’t try ANY of your dishes though, which is fairly surprising considering how many I managed to get through… Hopefully see you at the winter event 🙂 Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • You are so organised with the winter tickets already! We really loved the cosier vibe of the winter event; I think there were fewer exhibitors but the restaurants were still fantastic. I’ll have to go check out what you had now…

  • Your photos are so beautiful! Particularly that gorgeous rainbow 🙂 Very pinnable!!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

    • Thanks Polly! I’m really thinking about moving to a proper camera soon but in the meantime, I’ll stick with my iPhone! The rainbow was a must-snap!

  • I didn’t realise there was a winter Taste in London event; how cool is that!
    I can’t understand why the panna cotta is having a big revival, it’s one of the blandest desserts out there…we need more pav’s in this country
    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

  • I love Baranis, great that you had a go at the petanque. I was at Lima Floral recently, sounds like L’Autre Pied is definitely one to check out

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • I need to go to both- never really considered L’Autre Pied but I’m definitely intrigued now… I guess that’s what Taste is all about isn’t it?! Making you want to try new places!

  • Your favourite was the duck heart?! You are so badass, Connie. I salute you x

    • Offal Queen remember?! This is why I need that headband we discussed…

      • Will get right on that. I have visions of you devouring souls. It’s a good vision.

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I’ve never been to this Connie, as I think I’d heard that you don’t get much for your money in the past but reading your account makes me reconsider and I’ll definitely look it up next year. You have no idea how upset I am to have to read about the pandan macaron and not be able to have any – pandan is one of my most favourite flavours ever!! As for the panna cotta, for years, I thought I didn’t really like it but having had an absolutely delicious homemade one in Italy this month, I wonder if I’ve been missing out this whole time! But it’s a no from me to the duck heart 🙂

  • I think there is definitely truth in that- we always end up spending a lot because we are greedy and want to try a lot of dishes but I’m sure some people are happy to try 2-3 and spend the rest of the time trying all the samples hehe. I did think the entrance fee was cheaper this year, and there’s also the Winter version too in November.
    I didn’t know you are a pandan lover- my mum makes the most incredible pandan chiffon cake… all our Malaysian friends beg her to make it for them!

  • I can’t believe I still have not gone to their events! After reading your post, it is imminent!

    • Absolutely worth a visit!

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