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Travel Often and Get Lost, What’s On The List?

April 28, 2015

A few years ago on my first trip to Hong Kong, I got my palm read at Wong Tai Sin Temple. I’m not at all superstitious but it was my first solo trip, I was in a new city, and it seemed like the thing to do there so why not? The romantic in me hoped that I would be enlightened, the realist in me doesn’t remember much of what she told me… Something about some kids and caring for my kidneys however none of it that led to the Oprah a-ha moment.

But there was one thing she said that’s stuck with me ever since – she told me that the thing I seek most in life is freedom. Whether she really saw it in my life line or thought it was a good bet given I was a single young woman off on an adventure, I’ll never know, but she was right.

I’ve always done my own thing, gone where I’ve wanted… I’ve always wanted to be free. Travel gives me the freedom to escape the mundane 9-5 life, the freedom to be completely anonymous, the freedom to talk to everyone or no one at all, and quite simply the freedom to explore. I’m lucky to have found someone who shares this love of travel and together we have travelled often, got lost on occasion, and always eaten well.

Two and a half years ago, on a quiet Saturday afternoon in Wellington we asked ourselves where we would escape to if we could pack up and go, then and there… we narrowed it down to six places and as gambling people decided it would be determined by a roll of the dice! Since that day we’ve crossed off half of the faces on that dice – USA road trip, Cuba, and Portugal, though we would go back to all those places in a heartbeat.


 The other three destinations are…


This country where tradition and innovation collide head on has been a dream of mine ever since my high school Japanese classes. I want to picnic under the sakura trees when they’re in full bloom, be one in a million in the scramble of Shibuya Crossing, and spend my days indulging in one of my favourite cuisines.


This is a country which genuinely mystifies me because I know almost nothing about it. I have caught glimpses of desert landscapes, narrow alleys filled with colourful wares and a remarkable village in shades of blue. I have imagined a destination not for the faint hearted, one that assaults your senses with its sounds and sights, a destination I definitely want to set foot in.

Sri Lanka

This island nation lures me in on many levels. As a lover of seafood and spice I want to sweat it out over a fiery curry with a side of stringhoppers, as a drinker of tea I want to marvel in the beauty and history of the tea plantations, and after all this excitement just relax on the sandy shores of the south.

In the Meantime…

We’ve temporarily parted with our passports so the Immigration Gods can kindly grant me permission to stay in London a little longer. We’ve got so much more to explore and so many more restaurants to dine at so please, wish us luck!


Transun are giving bloggers a chance to win a trip to the Northern Lights, all you have to do is share your top three bucket list destinations- full details here.

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  • That is such a fun way to decide where to go next! I love that idea. Good luck with your new visas!

    • Thank you- I’m hoping UBKA surprise us all and give us good news sooner rather than later! Lol I can be quite indecisive with travel as there are so many places I want to visit so the dice is as good as any method for choosing!

  • Good luck with the visa, Connie. I hated that paperwork so much and I wasn’t even the one who had to do it! The more I read these blogs the more I realise that I just want to go everywhere. Ignore that sound. That was just my bank account pissing itself with laughter.

    • Hahaha mines been laughing at me for years now… I have developed a good coping mechanism to ignore it! And thank you, I’ll take all the luck I can get!

  • I really want to go to Japan too!!!

    • As a fellow sushi fiend, I am not at all surprised Angie!

  • I love your list so much Connie!!! The way you write sends exciting tingles down my spine! 🙂
    I can vouch for just how amazing Japan is. 2 years after our Japan honeymoon, I still have very vivid memories of it. I’m going to be writing about my Japan travels throughout May xx

    • Lucy, you are too kind! I cannot wait to read more about your Japan honeymoon so get writing!

  • Nice shots.

  • Interesting post.

    • Thanks- just popped over to your site, your photos are fantastic!

  • Let me know when you’re planning a trip to Morocco! We travelled around Morocco for a few weeks for our honeymoon and it’s a fascinating country to visit! p.s. good luck with the visa, I’ve battled it for 7 years and now finally got my British passport. Except I now actually miss my beautiful Kiwi one!

    • Will do- though it could be a while away… We’re expecting the visa to take up to 6 months! It’s only been less than 1 month and I’m already getting itchy feet!

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